Volunteering - Our Volunteer Recruitment will resume in 2022

We are very fortunate to have a team of supportive volunteers. 

If you would like to get involved please do contact us on 0113 275 7988 and speak to Wendy. Or please get in touch @ step.2.step@btconnect.com or via the contact page.

Volunteering opportunities at STEP

Have a look at our regular weekly groups, could you help?

How are your IT Skills?  Could you spare a couple of hours each week to help run a small group?  Could you show our members how to use a laptop, send emails, shop, research etc.?  Please contact us if you can help, we can be flexible with the day and time.


New Member Volunteer

Would you like to spend a couple of hours each week at the centre helping  a new person to settle in? Could you help someone to make friends and join in the activities here at STEP? Your support could make all the difference. Contact Wendy for a chat.